Robert motherwell open series

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Robert Motherwell: Open

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Luke Elwes discusses Robert Motherwell’s work with Sam Cornish

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Robert Motherwell

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Guggenheim Career, New York. Robert Motherwell (January 24, – July 16, ) was an American painter, printmaker, and editor.

Open No. 122 in Scarlet and Blue

He was one of the youngest of the New York School, which also included Philip Guston, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko. Robert Motherwell: Open is the first examination of the painter's Open series, which preoccupied him from until the last years of his life.

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Pared down and minimal, these paintings differ greatly from his more dynamic and monumental Elegies series, for which he is perhaps best known. Available for sale from Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Robert Motherwell, Study for Open Series (), Acrylic and graphite on paper, × 21 cm.

Robert Motherwell, Open No. in Scarlet and Blue, From the Tate Gallery. This painting belongs to the ‘Open’ series which Motherwell commenced in The inspiration for the series came about accidentally.

1. juli Robert Motherwell Untitled, From the series The Africa Suite. Motherwell said of the Open series: ‘It is not commonly understood that the linear so-called ‘window’ shapes of the Open series are as much of a one-shot throw of the dice, in execution, as my more gestural works the lines in the Opens are not measured or mathematically proportioned but purely intuitional and immediate’.

Robert motherwell open series
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