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Lady Macbeth Monologue (Lady Macbeth stands tall and statuesque centre stage with her head held high. She has a haughty look on her face that matches a complexion of ice. She is wearing sumptuous attire, a golden crown glittering on her head and is clutching a flickering candle.

Behind her is a darkened backdrop of a stone castle wall. - The Evil Character of Lady Macbeth In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is made to act as a catalyst in Lord Macbeth's evildoings.

Even though Lord Macbeth is generally the one to have the final say in the many killings that take place in the play, Lady Macbeth plays the role of a villain alongside him.

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Character Flaws Of Macbeth Essay; Character Flaws Of Macbeth Essay; Macbeth, tragedy by William Shakespeare; Examine the role played by Lady Macbeth. Teaching Macbeth at GCSE? Devised to support students studying the text for the English Literature GCSE, this teaching pack includes 25 lesson plans, resources and exam practice questions.

Essay on Macbeth Speech; Essay on Macbeth Speech. Submitted By Morinoando. Words: indecisive nature. This can be found in Act 2 Scene 1. Macbeth’s soliloquy in this scene shows audiences that Macbeth is not a coward, he is not scared, but rather he is fearful and nervous.

Lady Macbeth is a very dangerous character as her ploy to.

Lady macbeth soliloquy oral essay
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