An experiment to determine the resistance between a series and a parallel

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What is a Series-Parallel Circuit?

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Series and Parallel Circuits

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What is a series circuit? (10 pts) 2. What is a parallel circuit? (10 pts) 3. Is the equivalent resistance, R eq, of a series circuit greater than or less than any individual resistor?(10 pts) 4.

Is the equivalent resistance, R. Do you like Circuit Construction Kit: DC, but want to use only in-line ammeters?

This is the sim for you!

Parallel Circuits

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The parallel circuit has very different characteristics than a series circuit. For one, the total resistance of a Parallel Circuit is NOT equal to the sum of the resistors (like in a series.

PHYS-ABM # In this experiment, you will Measure potential difference and current at various places in series and parallel circuits.

Track the energy/unit charge and the current as charge flows through batteries and resistors in series and parallel circuits.

Determine the relationship between potential difference and resistance in series. c Calculate the resistance of the lamp at its running temperature. d Now, for several different values of p.d., measure the current through the lamp.

Plot a graph of your results; this graph is known as the voltage-current characteristic of the lamp. e Replace the lamp in the circuit with the resistor.

Millikan oil-drop experiment

Repeat the experiment and calculate its resistance.

An experiment to determine the resistance between a series and a parallel
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